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How Accurate Are Your Online Surveys?

How reliable your survey results are depends on a number of things. How closely your sample represents the population is a key indicator of the quality of your survey — basically, you want the people who answer your survey to be as similar as possible to the people you want to understand.

But What if They’re Not?

Since most surveys consist of informal, crowd-sourced data, they carry a high risk of overlooking significant demographic factors — in short, there’s a good chance of inaccuracy.

Veracio automatically weights your survey responses using local census data to ensure they are representative of the population you are surveying, meaning inaccuracies are minimized. Each respondent’s answers are given more or less weight based on what proportion of the population they represent.

With weighting, you can collect more accurate data to support news stories, measure the impact of social projects, or make evidence-based policy decisions. With Veracio, you can collect more accurate data without any extra work.