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After years of working with nonprofits, policymakers, and journalists, we recognize these people are passionate about their causes and working hard to squeeze every ounce of value out of the tools at their disposal.

They are eager to adopt crowdsourcing techniques and online tools, but unsure of the trustworthiness of the data those tools provide. They see the value of accurate data, but face challenges in collecting it.

We can see their confidence and capabilities grow when provided with data that can be translated into reliable results, but often, it is out of their reach. Public data is too broad or outdated, private data is prohibitively expensive. Collecting data on their own yields results they simply can’t trust.

And so Veracio was born. A free tool for anyone who wants to improve the reliability and accuracy of the data they collect. An online survey tool that can help you change the world.

The People Behind Veracio

Veracio is brought to you by the following organizations.


The Movers

Orb is an independent nonprofit digital publishing company reporting on global issues. We combine data journalism and social journalism with on-the-ground reporting to produce stories that illuminate our shared humanity.


The Mathmaticians

Datassist is an international team of data experts and statisticians supporting the efforts of journalists, nonprofits, and policymakers around world. We help you collect the data you need and turn it into pictures and stories that will move your audience.

Cognite Labs

The Makers

Cognite Labs specializes in full stack web-based software development. We work with organizations of all sizes to design, develop, and deploy complex web applications. We’ll help your team make your dreams a reality.