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There are a lot of fresh developments in my life recently. I just started a new job dealing with an online and mobile analyze prep supplier known as TestSoup that makes quick recall cards for a variety of several standardized assessments. I am studying marketing, social bookmarking, and (of course) schooling.

But perhaps the most significant change in my life not too long ago (within way back when year along with a half) is always that now I in the morning a parent, and am looking at the world from a very different couple of eyes. This affects everything, but primarily it pushes you to have a look at everything in the long term. When you go thru something, anyone wonder how it will be for your children when he and also she explains it.

This is just what happened whole last month, anytime TestSoup gone to its first conference: ISTE 2011 . Not only seemed to be it TestSoup’s first getting together with, it was mine as well. It previously was an interesting feel, I must concede. Lots of running, lots of chatting, and lots of hand-shaking. There were alternative activities too, although those include the three that will stood the most.

Like wandered towards conference, gawking at the fantastic educational solutions (EdTech) methods available these days, I just couldn’t support but just imagine what it shall be like when ever my infant goes through institution. What will educational facilities be doing five or maybe ten years in to the future? What are these doing currently?

As it turned out, there seemed to be an entire element of the getting together with devoted to answering and adjusting that concern, and it within that area that I spent most of very own time. I needed to learn all of I could of what these universities were engaging in. Of course , I wanted to tell them the way TestSoup could help them by t Read More