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My better half has another spouse residing outside of the U.S.: Can I turn into a U.S. resident?

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My better half has another spouse residing outside of the U.S.: Can I turn into a U.S. resident?

You simply will not be eligible for a citizenship in the event that you have married only once if you are part of a polygamous web of family relationships, even.

I’m a legal permanent resident associated with the united states of america. I recently discovered that my better half, a U.S. resident, has another woman ( having a brand new baby) straight back inside our house country. My better half states he could be hitched to her there, but that this wouldn’t have effect on our life right here in the usa. But i wish to make an application for U.S. citizenship. I obtained my green card with my better half, if we get divorced so he says I will lose my permanent residency. Will my husband’s situation be an issue for me personally once I use to naturalize?

Yes. Your husband’s bigamy (being lawfully married to two females in the time that is same might lead to your interviewing officer at united states of america Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to determine that you’re exercising polygamy. Practicing polygamy will disqualify you for citizenship, and might bring about your deportation too.

It is impossible that one can actually respond to the questions from the Application for Naturalization (type N-400) without telling USCIS that your husband happens to be hitched to two women in the exact same time. The proper execution N-400 requests your complete wedding history along with your husband’s marriage history that is complete. In addition it calls for you to definitely record all of your kiddies – biological, adopted, or step – and underneath the legislation, any son or daughter that your particular spouse has you is also your child, whether or not you are the biological mother while he is married to.

You could find this that is frustrating all, you aren’t hitched to two different people, and also you have actuallyn’t done any such thing incorrect. Read More